Promise to offer solutions to your business and put you incharge of your finance anywhere, from your mobile device

Confidentiality Protection

Your info is confidential to both public and the bank

Account Number Selection

Choose your favorite account number

Paperless and Effortless

Banking that seamlessly saves your time and effort

Other Benefits

  • Available in two main currencies, USD and KH
  • Plan your future business needs
  • Confidentiality protection
  • Overdraft is ready upon request
  • Competitive daily accrual interest rate with interest credited to the account monthly
  • Access to dedicated service from the bank relationship team


  • Legally registered in Cambodia
  • Not owned/partly owned by sanctioned individual/entity

Required Documents

  • For registered company
    • Memorandum/article of incorporation
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Patent tax*
    • Business license issued by relevant ministry/authority (if applicable)
    • Board of director’s/director’s resolution (if applicable)
  • For registered small & medium enterprise
    • Certificate of registration issued by relevant ministry, and
    • Patent Tax*

In case Patent tax is expired, the previous year patent tax and receipt of patent tax renewal are needed.